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David J. Louie, Inc. offers diverse insurance products for your business and personal needs.

Excess and Surplus


Stay goal oriented on growing your business by ensuring that all of your commercial assets are well protected.

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PropertyProperty Insurance provides coverage for your building and its contents such as furniture, machinery, inventory, and more. Protection can be broadened further to insure against loss of business income, accounts receivable, recreation of damaged records, and more.
Commercial LiabilityCommercial Liability Insurance provides coverage against personal injuries or property damage on your business premises or caused by your operations (including legal fees and judgments). Protection isn’t just about slip and falls. It can include coverage in case your product causes injury or sickness.
Business Owners PolicyBusiness Owners Policies ‘bundles’ the most important Property and Liability coverages you need into comprehensive package policies. This customizes coverage for your type of business, eliminates gaps in your protection, and saves you money.
Worker CompensationWorkers Compensation Insurance provides employees with protection in the event of job related injuries. Providing a policy is just the beginning – we take the extra step to make sure your payroll is properly classified by job category to help you avoid being overcharged.
Umbrella LiabilityA business can get sued for almost any injury, even if it appears slight or questionable. Extra coverage of $5 million, $10 million, or more above the limit of a Commercial Liability policy can be important to give you peace of mind and comfort that you will be protected against large lawsuits.
Surety BondsMany businesses must guarantee various authorities that they will conduct activities according to regulations and/or complete projects. These promises are secured by posting a bond. DJL is familiar with this aspect of insurance, called Surety, and will respond knowledgeably and quickly to your needs.
Commercial AutomobileAny vehicle owned by your business must be insured by a Commercial Auto policy. The Commercial Auto Policy can provide comprehensive coverage for fire and theft as well as collision insurance for a single vehicle or whole fleets.
Director & Officers LiabilityProtect your Board of Directors and Officers from liability arising from their duties to the company or non-profit organization.
Special Events LiabilitySpecial Events each have their own type of liability. We will help you find appropriate coverage specifically suited for your special event.
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Homeowners Insurance provides coverage for your home, its contents, and improvements. It will also cover detached structures such as garages or storage sheds and extra living expenses if a loss forces you to temporarily move out. Personal Liability coverage is included for accidents to visitors on your property or injuries you or your family cases off the property.



Renters Insurance provides coverage to your valuables. It does not include coverage for the dwelling or other structures because it is designed to insure those who are tenants.

Personal Automobile

Vehicles that your family owns personally must always be insured on a Personal Auto policy. We will advise you on the appropriate liability limits and the intelligent use of deductibles to control the cost of collision and “comprehensive” fire and theft protection.

Personal Umbrella Liability

Personal Umbrella provides important additional protection exceeding the liability limit of your Homeowners or Auto policy to offer you and your family peace of mind.

Identity Fraud

Identity Fraud Insurance provides coverage to protect you from the financial and liability risks associated with identity theft and credit card fraud.


“Floaters” provides protection of jewelry, furs, fine arts, cameras or any other particularly valuable property anywhere in the world.


Get peace of mind by protecting your personal assets.

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special programs and lines

We offer several special programs and markets suited for your unique needs.

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American European Exclusive Asian Restaurant Program

Our exclusive program with American European is designed with the Asian restaurant owner in mind. This program will write Asian restaurants including, but not limited to, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese with features such as table top cooking (hibachis, grills, etc.) and liquor liability.

Asian American Business Owners Association Safety Group

AABA is underwritten by AmTrust Financial Services, a multinational property and casualty insurance company. Since 1989, we have been saving many businesses thousands of workers compensation dollars with our exclusive AABA Safety Group through a combination of a 15% up-front, immediate premium discount, and dividends*

*Dividends vary with the group’s profitability and cannot be guaranteed.

AmTrust Managing General Agent

As a Managing General Agent (MGA), we are given exclusive flexibility for our Workers Compensation program. This allows us to write policies for various classes including restaurants with bicycle deliveries and live poultry shops.

Excess & Surplus Markets

For clients with larger risks that are difficult to place in the standard markets, typically considered ‘hard to place,’ we have several Excess and Surplus (E&S) markets that will help you find a home for them.